Who can see what I post?

Anyone on the internet can find the pakpak app and view what is on it. We highly reccomend refraining from using more information than nessecary in your posts. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use posted at

How do I edit or remove a post?

We are working on adding this feature. For now contact us via the chat icon on this page or to change or remove a post.

When are posts automaticly removed?

We remove posts 24 to 48 hours after the date and time of the adventure.

How can I contact pakpak?

For support and app issues, please contact, for sales and business inquiries contact, we can also be reached via the chat icon on this page and (928) 275 1257.

Sorry, your device isn't supported yet. Please email with your device information and we will make sure to fix this.